Mow the Yard.

On more than one occasion, before hopping in the car or on a plane to go do something important, I’ve found myself doing last-minute yardwork. Truth be told, I hate working in the yard, so it usually slips down the to-do list before a trip. Yet, there’s something grounding about it, something universal. Something that serves […]

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Timbre vs. Texture

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time, and having just returned from a recording gig in Montana, it seems like a perfect time to address one of the usual topics in my workshops: Timbre vs Texture. First, some working definitions: Timbre is what makes an instrument’s tone distinct. We can hear […]

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Nobody cares about your radiation readings.

We’ve been on a Star Wars kick at the Meek household lately. And being the Power Nerds that we are, this has included all of the DVD extras. Yes, all of them. (Well, Episode I doesn’t count.) Most of it’s stuff we already know, or the typical “Here’s the 27 different elements we shot to […]

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A New Beginning

This has been a long time coming. While I won’t pretend to be the most profound, I will say that I intend to be thoughtful in my musings here. Though, here’s hoping I can keep the Internet SmartGuy Cranio-rectal Inversions to a minimum. Though the larger purpose of this site is to be a continually-updated […]

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