About Jon

My great-grandmother was a saintly southern woman with a knack for stride piano. I remember watching her bounce around on the piano bench while her fingers flew across the keys, knocking out a song with a long-forgotten title. If there was a moment when a switch flipped in my young mind, it was when I watched Granny.

I grew up playing in church, making all the same mistakes and learning all the same lessons that every other kid playing in church did. And while my guitar playing buddies were busy getting high to Green Day, I started wondering just what a Hammond organ was, and how I could get one.

Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of recording for and playing with a wide variety of people all over the US. Whether it’s a little Americana, a little Soul, or the occasional all-business BeepBoop, I enjoy bringing a unique style to the different projects that I work on.

Want me to be a part of your next project, workshop, or live gig? Let’s talk.